3 Powerful Oral Sex Techniques to Apply on Her

Hot Girl Waiting to Receive Oral SexLook guys and gals, going down on a woman is an art forum, and you sometimes need a little time in the playbook to ensure you are doing it correctly. Nothing is worse than getting down there and finding yourself lost. She is hating it, and chances she will drag you back up as to not make a fool of yourself. However, we are here for you. Here are three powerful oral sex techniques that will make sure she gets off with your tongue and maybe even a finger or two (Read: Squirting Tips that Will Make Her Scream!).

Spread the Love

The key to rocking her world is patience and a lot of kisses. Remember, girls, are a complicated beast, and need to be warmed up before they can cum. Put in the work, and you will be golden. First, you will need to get her down to her skivvies, and we will leave that to you. Start by kissing down her stomach, if there is no bra, then start to lick and suck on the nipples. You will head back down in a second. Now kiss down the stomach to the top of the underwear. Get rid of the underwear, and focus on the inside of her thighs. Kissing and licking will bring out the devil in her, and you are ready for the main event.

Keep the Porn Thoughts Out of It

She is not a porn star, nor is she wanting to become one. The best practice is to keep it simple stupid. You will need to find the clit, and yes it does exist. You do not need to bite, naw, or twist this amazing part of her body, but instead, focus on swirling motions with your tongue. You will start to see her breathing increase, and once you hit the spot the back will arch just a little bit. Rotate your tongue clockwise, and then counter-clockwise. Now just keep it up, the clit will do its job, and she will be screaming your name in no time.

Add a Finger, and Hold on to the Hips

When it comes to the big O, it can take a little bit of patience to get her there. A great option is to continue that simple tongue motion and add a single finger into her vagina. If you can find the ridged portion inside (normally about an inch inside on the top) start to gently move your finger towards you, and back down. This, combined with your tongue, will start the train to O-town. When you start to see her breathing increase and she is close, use your other hand to secure her hips to the bed. This will allow you to keep your tongue on the clit, and increase your chance for an orgasm. Once she is orgasming, remain down there, and slowly remove your finger, but maintain contact with your tongue. Slowly continue to move it counter clockwise until she will eventually pull you back up.

Coitus is an art forum guys and gals, and if done correctly, your partner will be enjoying the pleasure for a long time. Remember, communicate with your partner, and find out what she likes. It can be a rewarding conversation, and you get to find out some of those secrets to getting her to moan your name.


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