Female Ejaculation and the G Spot – Powerful Tips to Make a Woman Squirt

Make Her Have an Squirting OrgasmThere are many ways by which you can stimulate your girl’s g-spot to the point where she squirts her load all over your bed sheet. However, for this, you will first have to identify the exact location of her g spot. Want to make your girl squirm, scream, and squirt with pleasure tonight? Here are the three easiest ways to make her climax quickly and intensely.

Oral and Nipple Stimulation. Perform oral sex on her and once she gets into it, alternate between circling motions around her clitoris and flicking your tongue back and forth across it. Read her body language, determine which one of those is turning her on more, and stay the course with that one. Next, reach your hands up around her legs and place your fingers on her nipples. Stimulate those while you are going down on her. If she is like any girl I have been with, the resulting orgasm will be very powerful!

Lubricate her vagina

If your girl is sufficiently aroused, then she will be wet, and you will not need any external lubrication. However, to be on the safer side use water based lubricant and generously apply it inside her vagina. The application of the lubricant will turn her on, and she will be waiting for your fingers to stimulate her g spot.

Use two fingers

Insert your middle and fourth finger inside her vagina while your palm is facing upwards. Go about two inches deep and make circular or “come here” motion with your fingers. You will feel a soft spongy tissue, the g-spot. Manipulate it with your fingers gently, and you will find that your girl will begin to thrust her hips and pelvis in the air. She will also begin to moan and groan in pleasure.

Use a sex toy

You may also use a dildo that is as thick as your two fingers and stimulates her g spot. Make sure that you have inserted a fresh pair of batteries in them. Insert the dildo into her vagina and rub it along the upper front wall of her vagina. As the dildo vibrates, it will stimulate her and soon she will be orgasming like never before.

G-spot sex positions

If you want to be able to make your woman have the infamous ejaculating orgasm, then you need to be able to stimulate the g-spot. Sex positions like the butterfly, on all fours, and the standing rear entry allow for deep thrusting thus enabling you to stimulate her g-spot with your penis head. You will have to give powerful strokes in a rhythmic manner to bring her to an orgasm.

You can also move your fingers in circles within her. For some women, this is a highly preferred technique. Some women also love it when you touch them by flicking your fingers deep inside of her. Try a variety of these techniques so that you can keep your woman on her toes for the whole time. You don’t want her to get bored so make sure that you do this.

Your woman has to be willing to allow this special type of orgasm happens so remind her to let go completely. If she does that and you touch her in the right way, then she will ejaculate, and she will have the best orgasm that she has ever had in her entire life. Use these g-spot stimulation techniques to blow her away today.


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